Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Moment

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post originally appeared on Lila's Miracle Life on January 29, 2009. It is reproduced here with the author's permission. Click here to see this post in its original context (which may include accompanying photos), to view existing comments and to leave a comment of your own.

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I'm not sure why I've been so emotional lately but I have. I cry all the time! Not boo-hoo crying, just tearing up. Today was our first sign language class since last year and I needed to run a couple of errands before we met everyone for lunch. Lila was being CRAZY. Crazy, crazy. Typical 2 year old but she was doing everything possible to make sure we weren't going to leave on time. I'm running around trying to get everything together and of course she wants me to hold her. I thought to myself.... gosh, I only have 2 hands. Fast forward to lunch. I was waiting on my friend Pam when a mom and 3 kids walked into the restaurant. Two girls around the ages of 3 and 4, and a baby in a stroller. She sat down in a booth near us and I notice that she only has one hand. Seriously. And she's making everything work. She using her teeth and her body in place of the missing hand. Of course, I tear up, then get mad at myself for what I'd been thinking earlier. So when Pam gets there we start talking about things that we take for granted every day. This lady and her kids get up to leave and she calls one of the little girls Lila. They have to walk right by our table so I ask her - is your daughter's name Lila? That's my daughters name. So we talk for a few minutes about names and hair bows and other things. And then Pam's daughter Eliza grabs this lady's arm where her hand would be and this might sound weird but it was moment that I won't forget anytime soon. She had been admiring our little angels with Down Syndrome and then Eliza, in her innocence, grabs this lady in what must be her most vulnerable place. It was a beautiful, raw, here -we -all -are- with- our- imperfections moment. And it felt really, really good. No masks, no judgement. And when I looked in that lady's eyes, I knew she felt the same way. If only we could stay in that moment. Where we just accept each other's flaws and imperfections, knowing that we are loved back in the same unconditional way.